About Us

About Us

We deal in a huge range of in house designs which keep changing according to market dynamics.

Specializing in genuine leather high fashion products we have infrastructure & resources that can cater to all kinds of men’s and ladies footwear .

Manufacturing Facilities

Our unit in Agra spreads over 50,000 sq ft and to its optimum our unit can produce 40,000 pairs a month excluding the sub-contractual capacities. We maximize output by following the management policy of efficiency i.e. right man for the right job and process segregation.

Our team is well experienced and resourceful with regard to production and raw material sourcing . As we are placed in the heart of one of the biggest footwear manufacturing hubs of the world, we are exceedingly competitive in developments and sourcing at a global level.


SA – 8000
ISO – 14001
ISO – 9001

Each pair is examined carefully by skilled professionals at every stage. We have a quality team reporting directly to our Company Head.

We are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified where we fulfill obligations towards the environment and each process either administrative or operative is quality certified, predefined and according to protocol.
Vertically integrated ERP systems help in managing all aspects of operations in the utmost efficient manner.


With a growth rate of more then 25% for the last 5 years Mr Utsav Dang handle all aspects of the business

Mr. Utsav Dang, a graduate from the London School Of Economics, University Of London has joined in, giving an innovative and contemporary perspective to the company