Leather’s tryst with Vegetarianism

We have gone far and wide to source materials that can be high quality, high fashion, and budget-friendly. The shoes in this collection use materials that come directly from mother nature- like pure wool, cotton, and vegan, veg-dyed and chrome-free leathers. The minute components in this collection have taken us a lot of time and attention to detail.

For instance,

Our Uppers: Herbal dyed organic cottons, pineapple skull faux leathers (Pinatex), veggie dyed and chrome free.

Our Lining and Laces: 100% pure wool 100% pure cotton.
Our Eyelets: Nickel-free
Our Insock: 100% recyclable jute

Our Outsole: 95% natural rubber, 100% cork footbed

Our Packaging Materials: 100% recycled paper

In addition to the above, we have paid added attention to ethical trade and compliance with labour laws for all our suppliers.

Did we mention that these are also designer shoes? Our materials have been put to use by our expert partner designers to bring to you a collection that is trendy, pocket-friendly, and most importantly- guilt free!
A major source of pollutants and chemical use in the leather industry are the materials used traditionally in dying animal skins. These pollutants are often burnt to cause air pollution. Additionally, a standard part of the dying process is letting the water containing toxins flow back into our natural water bodies. Veggie-dyed leathers are skins dyed by using naturally occurring substances like vegetables and plants, thus eliminating the biggest cause of pollution in the process of leather creation.
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